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Ultra Light Carbon Fiber Frames and Wheels


Start your journey with 3-SIXTEEN's Exile frame. Derived from leading geometry engineers, the Exile is tough as nails and light as feather. A great choice for any cycling enthusiasts looking to redefine their personal boundaries.



Travel to the ends of the earth on the 316 Rapture frameset that is faster than a whistle! With the vicious power get up and get-up-and-go feel, the Rapture will never let you down. No doubt, the rapture will confidently outdo anyone's expectations.



Careful! You're looking at one of the most technologically advanced bicycle framesets on the planet! 3-SIXTEEN's Dunamis is a cutting edge carbon road rocket that offers top-of-the-line technology for a stable, blazing-fast ride.


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Tested and proven, our products are built for high performance and engineered with a featherweight design.

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