Our Mission:

Our mission is plain and simple; we are out to build the best bicycles and components in the cycling industry. At 316 Bicycles, our passion for cycling can be seen at every turn we take. Incessantly, we strive day in and out to be the best all over the world. Our unwavering focus and dedication to people, cyclists, shop retailers, and vendors are what drives us to conceive and manufacture products to the highest degree of quality and workmenship.

At 316 Bicycles, we are not only a group of people who love bicycles, but we also love pushing the envelope of cycling in every possible way. We feel the bicycle is the most efficient form of non-motorized transportation. It can combat climate change, ease urban congestion, and build human fitness just to name a few. Cycling also brings us together, and in many ways, allows us to escape. Bicycles have taken people more places and impacted us more positively than we would think. We envision a world of bicycles and you are in it. Experience it for yourself. Ride 316 Bicycles


We strongly believe in providing the highest quality and performance products, at a sensible cost, to satisfy the most demanding cycling enthusiasts. Our higher grades of carbon fiber have a greater modulus tensile strength, therefore making our frames stiffer and lighter without compromising performance. However, high-grade carbon fiber can also be trickier to work with because of the need to maintain a balance between stiffness, weight, strength, and durability. It's that same balance that 316 bikes always strive to achieve.



With only one goal in mind, 316 Bicycles wants to give you the best ride possible. The secret behind any good wheel depends on many factors. At 316 Bicycles, we believe the combination of factors such as stability, strength, weight, and durability all together can create the ultimate weapon; reduced time. Aerodynamics plays a big role in the wheels we build. The shape and contour of our wheels help reduce drag and optimize airflow, improving its stability and speed through less resistance. Our high tension but low-spoke count wheels combined with a myriad of choices in tubular or clincher carbon hoops makes our wheels some of the strongest, stiffest, and lightest wheels on the market. Where speed is a priority and cannot be compromised, 316 Bicycle carbon wheel sets can do it for you! All 316 wheels use stainless steel bearings, stainless steel spokes, and external alloy nipples. Available in Shimano, SRAM or Campy freewheel bodies. 5 year manufacture warranty and crash replacement guarantee included.



Whether it's our carbon frames, wheels, or accessories, 316 can take you there with no limits. Our research and proven concepts are never just "market pre-tests," but rather, true progress and innovation. This is why we are our own product testers. And if they can withstand our relentless tests, they are then passed onto people like you. Our goal is to balance all the elements that make a bike perform best when it hits the road. Just apply power to the pedals see for yourself!